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The Gods called your name
and the seas turned dark;
the earth quaked with power.

You looked up at Olympus
screaming at the gates;
“What will I become?”

The Gods fell silent, then-
with a thunderous roar replied;
"Who are you now?"

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Favourite quote & a lovley painting 


Favourite quote & a lovley painting 

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My body, your hands
And I’m missing every word
You are mine, yeah you say so
When you call me late nights
But I wonder how should I know
You’re in love enough to fight
Thousand Miles || Tove Lo

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Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos

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Bence Bakonyi


Bence Bakonyi

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Chris Brown - Autumn Leaves (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

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I wanna cry with you.
I wanna die with you once or twice.
I wanna lie with you until the pain is through for a while.

I’d do anything to make you feel.

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Got a hole in my heart that stretches from coast to coast
constantly ripped apart from what I want the most
and if I could find whoever designed you
there’d be so much I wanna know
since I don’t like my shape it takes time to prepare
a chronic illness comes in the form of despair
do you wanna know something?
you are the one thing that keeps me up (because I care)

Listened to this on my way to work. It’s been stuck in my head since.